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Wen Mujiang

Wen Mujiang

Mr.Wen Mujiang was born in 1970 in Longhui city of Hunan province, China. In 1993, he began his studies in printmaking department of Hubei Art Institute. After his graduation, he became teacher in Art department of Xiangtan Normal University. Now he is lecturer of Art department of Hunan Science and Technology Institute, member of Hunan Printmakers' Association and member of Hunan Flok Art Committee.
Artist was growing up in a mountainous area where many minorities lives, he was entranced with their stockaded wooden village, embroidered skirt, folk songs. But when he finished his art studies, and want to show the folk charm by his pencil, he found that all things of his childhood changed: the wooden house became modern villas, the embroidered shirt was also replaced by jeans, and local people sang popular songs instead of folk songs. He want to let people to think about the strike that the modern civilization brought to the traditional culture, and hope that one day, the sparrow sound would also appear even among the high buildings and large mansions, and let people to pay more attention to the traditional culture.
1996 <The faraway sparrow sounds>series I (4 designs) was shown at the 13th National Print Exhibition,
1997 <Love song> was shown at 9th National Art Exhibition, and won copper prize of Hunan province
1999 <Lion dance on plain>was shown at Hunan Art Exhibition to celebrate the 50 years of China's foundation, and won outstanding artwork
2002 <The faraway sparrow sounds>series II (2 designs) was shown at the 16th National Print Exhibition
2002 <The faraway sparrow sounds>series II (2 designs) was shown at Hunan Print Exhibition, won golden prize
2005 <Jump> was shown at The 6th Chinese Physical Artwork Exhibition
2006 <The faraway sparrow sounds>series I (4 designs) was shown at the first Hunan Young artistsí» Exhibition.
2007 <Shadow of breeze no.4>was selected in the 18th National Print Exhibition in Shanghai.
2008 <Face series> won the gold prize in the first Yunnan International Print Exhibition.
2008 <Face series> attended the 2nd National Academic Print Exhibition in Shenzhen city.
2009 <Face series> attended the International Print Biennial, Guanlan 2009.
2009.9 <Face series no.2> won the outstanding prize in the 11th National Art Exhibition, Nanjing, Beijing
2009.10 <Face series> attended the Art Festival of Hunan province and won the Golden price, Changsha
2009.10 <Face series> attended the National Print Exhibition titled "Flower in spring and yield fruit in autumn"- 60 anniversary of New China,Changsha
2009.12 <Face series> attended the Competitive Print Exhibition in Vienna, Austria.
2010.5 <Face series> attended the Artworks exhibition of Shanghai International Expo.
2010.12 <Face series> attended the exhibition of Hunan Art Year, and won Golden prize.
2011.5 <Face series no.26> attended the International Print Biennial, Guanlan 2011.
2011.9 <Face series no.30> attended the 19th National Print Exhibition, Hangzhou.
2011.9 <Face series> attended the Chinese Contemporary Print Exhibition titled <Art for Life>, Shanghai Art Museum.
2011.12 <Face series> attended the 4th National Youth's Artwork Exhibition, Beijing
2012.5 <Face series no.31> and <Shadow of Breeze> series won the Golden prize of the 4th Youth's Artworks Exhibition of Hunan province, Changsha.
2012.6 <Reflection no.4> attended in the 2nd Yunnan International Print Exhibition.
2012.6 <Face no.2> won the 1st Art and Literature Fruit Prize of Hunan province.
His artworks were collected by Jiangsu Art Museum, Anhui Art Museum, Sichuan Art Museum and Shanghai Art museum. And the magazine<Chinese printmaking> and <Art observation> published his artworks.
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